A bit about me

Web Developer in Edinburgh


Bike, chill and friends.

I enjoy sports like cycling and football -unfortunately lately to watch it more than to play it-. Indoors I spend time reading and listening to music and chatting with my friends... but, who doesn´t?. During winter I spend more time at home cooking, watching movies, playing grand strategy games -my guilty pleasure- and now programming. The summers I like hiking, biking and wild swimming.

My passion

Travel, travel, travel!!!

My main passion is to travel which is one of the things that I always have in mind. It makes me feel more alive than anything else, specially when I travel solo. Some of my best memories are from when I backpacked for three month in India or another two across South America.

Personal Background

it's complicated...

I made the decision a long time ago to leave my programming career behind to pick it up a few years ago. I don't regret it though, I wanted to explore the world and so I did. During those years I traveled a lot and lived in different cities and countries like Italy, Spain, and now Scotland. I had experienced many different jobs and met many diverse people and cultures. I sincerely believe that this personal background is one of my strengths as a person and as a professional...