A Bit About Me

Web Developer in Edinburgh


Bike, chill and friends.

I have several hobbies as riding my bike and football - lately more to watch it than to play it thou-. In the winter I spend more time at home reading, writing, listening to music and now, coding. During the summer, I like more to hike in the countryside and to meet with friends.

My passion

Travel, travel, travel!!!

However, my main passion is to travel which is one of the things that I always have in mind. It makes me feel more alive than anything else, especially when I travel alone. Some of my best memories are from when I backpacked for three month in India or another two across South America.

Personal Background

it's complicated...

Long time ago I took the decision of leaving my career as programmer. I do not regret though, I wanted to explore the world and so I did. During these years, I had travel a lot in different continents; lived in different cities and countries Italy, Spain and Scotland. I have experienced many different jobs and met different people and cultures. I honestly think this personal background is one of my strong points as both: person and worker.