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Border Kings Bikes

At Bike King Borders we have been caring for our customers’ bikes for over twenty five years and we are very proud to be known for our quality workmanship, our expertise, our attention to detail and our affordable pricing.

All of our services include the following:

Servicing built around the needs of your bicycle.
Free check for your bike.
First class servicing at affordable prices.
Free expert aftercare advice.

Services Pack

To enhance our servicing, we have improved the choices that our customers can make. We have designed our servicing around your bike, rather than having services that meet the needs of our workshop. We want you to be able to choose exactly the services you need, rather than pay for work that you may not require.
We also Have the following Combos to save even more!!!


Gear Service


Price £25


Gear Service 

Brake Service


Price £40


Gear Service 

Brake Service

Wheel Service

Price £60

Wheel service.

  • If your spokes feel loose, you have some broken spokes or your brakes are rubbing.
  • If your hubs feel rough or there is play in the wheel itself
  • After winter to ensure your bike is restored and ready for spring
  • At least every 12-18 Months

Brake Service.

  • If your brakes stopping power.
  • If your brakes feel spongy, rough or soft.
  • If your brakes are making excessive noise.
  • If the brakes liquid feels has no pressure.
  • After an important colision.
  • At least once per year to ensure they are safe.

Gear Service.

  • If the gears on your bike are not working properly
  • If the chain is slipping, rusty or stiff
  • After winter to ensure that your bike is restored and ready for spring
  • At least once per year to reduce wear and tear and improve component life

Our Gear Service is a full strip down and rebuild of the drivetrain of your bicycle. Our mechanics will clean, check and lubricate all the parts and recommend any replacement parts required. The aim is to ensure that your bicycle is returned to you with the drivetrain looking and operating as close to brand new as possible. The Gear Service includes all of the following:
  • Gear cables checked for stretch and wear and  replaced if required (cost of cables not included)
  • Chain checked for stretch and wear and replaced if required (cost of chain not Included)
  • Chain and derailleurs removed and cleaned.
  • Parts refitted and lubricated. Gears fully re-indexed
Additional labour charges (only if required, cost of parts not included):
  • Cassette replacement - £10
  • Chainset replacement - £10
  • Bottom bracket replacement - £10
Maintaining your brakes is one of the most important things you can do for your bike. Our Brake Service is specifically targeted at ensuring that your brakes work reliably when you need them. Whether you have V-brakes, cable disc brakes or a hydraulic system our mechanics will inspect, clean, service and adjust your brakes to optimise performance. The Brake Service includes all of the following:
  • Brake cables checked for stretch and wear or hoses checked for wear and tear and replaced where required.
  • Pad condition and wear checked and pads replaced if required (cost of pads not included)
  • Braking surfaces checked and cleaned
  • Rotors straightened where required
  • Brake system bled or topped up as necessary (brake fluid free of charge)
  • Full calliper alignment. Full brake set up and adjustment

Additional labour charges (only if required)

  • Full calliper and lever replacement £10
In our Wheel Service, our mechanics will give your wheels the attention they need. Keeping your wheels serviced is vital to the smooth running of your bicycle and helps to avoid the minor wheel ailments that build up over riding time. Within the service we will look after the wheels themselves and the internal workings of the hubs to make sure that are returned to factory standard. The Wheel Service includes all of the following:
  • Wheels wiped and cleaned
  • Hubs stripped, bearings checked, cleaned, greased or replaced where required (cost of cartridge bearings not included)
  • Wheel alignment and spoke tension checked and adjusted.  Broken spokes replaced where possible  (max 3)
  • Tyres checked and inspected for damage and wear and replaced if required (parts not included)

Additional labour charges (only if required)

  • Full wheel rebuild £10 per wheel.
  • Tubeless set up for road or MTB £5 per wheel